About Craig

Craig “C.V.” Abbott II is a rising author with a story to tell.

His first book, Classified: Terminally Ill (2014) is an autobiographical account of C.V.’s life with SMA–Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1–and offers a realistic, hopeful glimpse into living with SMA from someone whose very existence has defied the odds; his parents were told he wouldn’t live to see his second birthday but C.V. just celebrated his thirty-second, surrounded by friends, family, and his regular poker crew.

C.V.’s passion for books began early and was reinforced by his grandma. Though she probably didn’t find Captain Underpants or the Goosebumps series as transfixing as C.V., she encouraged his talents. C.V.’s interest in all-things-spooky has grown over the years and developed into a full-fledged fixation with vampires, who figure largely in his new work.

Blood & Lust: The Insignificant Life of Rick Blume is the debut novel in C.V.’s erotic vampire series. It is creepy, and pulpy, and sexy; the product of an active, creative mind filled with engaging plots and layered characters.

The Insignificant Life of Rick Blume is soon to be released from Olympia Publishers. Other books in the Blood & Lust series will follow soon thereafter.